Alex Weir’s CD 3rd World online library is a free digital collection of practical How-To Development Information — “helping the 3rd world to help itself” — with 4,000 books and manuals in full text online, in html or pdf format.

The collection covers agriculture, Appropriate Technology, construction, building, civil engineering, electrical trades and electronics, fisheries and fish farming, food processing and storage, post-harvest, forestry, health, medicine, metalworking, soil, water, veterinary medicine, animal health, sanitation, woodwork, carpentry, and more. Sourced with permission from US, UK, German, Swiss, UN and other aid programs, NGOs and other bodies worldwide.

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You can also download the CD image there with 800+ books.

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To find 46 selected books with direct links to the collection site for free download.


Agromisa small farm publications 40 odd small farm publications primarily aimed for the tropics but the basic information can be used any where.

On the publications page you will see a price this is for the paper book.
The PDF symbol following the price downloads the book to your computer. The PDF is a free download.

Click on publications at the top and then Agrodak this brings up the list of small farm publications.

Searching the site shows some interesting titles.


The Hesparian Foundations download page

Where there is no Doctor and Where there is no Dentist.