A Dutch oven is a traditional piece of cooking equipment often used when camping. It has a long history of use, and its ease of use makes it a favorite of many outdoor hunters. One advantage is that it can deliver a low, moist heat over long periods of time to allow the meat to mellow and develop its own unique taste. Low heat and slow cooking tenderize the meat because juices within the cell walls are slowly released during the heating process. Cooking the meats fast loses these juices since they boil off.

The second reason for using a Dutch oven is its multiple uses. Bread, roasts, and stews call all be cooked in it, making it excellent for use as camping cookware. Dutch ovens are very easy to use and remove much of the uncertainty of cooking wild game meats. There are a lot of varieties available. Research and experiment to fins the one that suits you best. Avery nice thing about them is that the slower cooking allows you to pay less attention to them then would be required using a regular oven.