Brent’s Cookie Factory was one of the Unions suppliers of Hard Tack for it’s troops. Today you can still buy it from their online store.

Online store Brent’s Cookie Factory

Product Description

Hardtack is a heavy unleavened biscuit that is 3″x3″ and 1/2″ thick with 16 holes. Each Quantity Ordered includes (1) box of Hardtack containg 10 individual crackers.
Part of the Yankee tradition which produced the magnificent clipper ships also produced the lowly ship’s biscuit. The Hardtack is a heavy unleavened biscuit that was the sailors’ staple for long sea voyages. The Bent hardtack cracker is still baked today by the Bent Company in Milton, Massachusetts; an original purveyor of hardtack provisions to the Union Army

The price may be high for some at $8.50 a box. I know it is for me as well. However for that price you are holding a piece of true history.