Cheap Rifle for The Homestead.

From what I’ve been seeing on the web most of the people are recommending 2,000 dollar or more AR’s or Augs to the folks who ask this question.

To me that is over kill if all you need it for is to stop a coon from stealing chickens or digging in the trash. Or even up to wild dogs and coyotes that try to attack your herds.

I’ve found the Hi Point Carbines to be excellent for this use and for general around the place needs. They come in 9mm, 40SW, and 45 ACP. All pistol cartridges true but plenty powerful enough to do the job at under 50 meters. I have had a 995TS for over a year now after using it around the place and running a few thousand round through it I’m convinced it is a nice handy and dependable carbine for close work.

A really nice thing about these carbines is that Hi Point has a lifetime no questions asked warranty on them. Even if it’s one you picked up at swap meet or a yard sale. They will fix it for you.

So if you are thinking about getting a light carbine for around the home stock protection, I would highly recommend the Hi Point in you favorite caliber.


  1. I have always used a single barrel shotgun for close pest control. I did shoot a coyote/coydog with my old Mosin Nagant one time and the Russian soft nose ammo dropped it on the spot. Both guns were really cheap when I got them. (both under one hundred bucks each)

    There is no reason that a cheap gun won’t work, it really depends on the shooter’s ability/will to make use of his/her firearm. It helps to choose a good cheap firearm.

    I have been hearing some good things about the HighPoint carbines.

  2. rusty

    December 22, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    The HiPoint Carbines seem to be pretty good. The Mosin or an SKS can do the same job a lot better in the range department. The Hi Points are only better in the weight and light recoil areas. In these hills and woods a shot of over 50 to 75 yards is long range so the pistol calibers are very useful.

    I don’t think I would depend on them in a area with larger predators.

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