At the time that I bought the sampler pack of number ten cans I also purchased an 5 gallon bucket with a 30 day supply of food for one person.

We have tried several of the packets contained in the bucket. So far all have been fair to excellent.

An outstanding item is the Creamy Potato Soup. It is an truly excellent product. Reminds me of the soups my mother and grandmother used to make. Rich and very filling.

My daughters like the Macaroni and cheese. Packed as plain macaroni with a separate large package of cheese powder that you add a couple of tbsp’s of after cooking the Macaroni. Even though I detest Mac and cheese, (thank you ex wife) I found it to be pretty good.

I have read reviews that mentioned busted bags and packages caught by the lid and torn. I had none of that in my sample.

Items of note:

1. This is dehydrated food. You will need a lot of water and a heating supply capable of bring the water to a boil. It will also need to be able to sustain the heat for around 30 minutes to allow time for the food to properly cook.

2. Be careful how you open the pouches. Many of them if not all have built in zip locks. A slip of the knife or of the scissors could ruin this making resealing them difficult if not impossible.