3 green onions cut on the diagonal thin (part tops too)
3 C Cold cooked rice
3 oz or 1/3 C Pork (or try for 1 Cup chopped left over meat about like ham, pork, chicken
1/2 C raw chopped shrimp-optional (If you use drained canned shrimp, decrease the salt)
left over cooked vegetables like peas and carrots (Optional)

3 Eggs, whisked (Sorry, no powdered egg conversion for this…it doesn’t work well)
4 T oil
1 T soy sauce

If using raw shrimp, dip in 1 tsp corn starch and fry in 2 T oil. Cook until done and remove from Wok or frying pan. You may want to crisp other meat too.
Add the Eggs, Oil, and Soy Sauce and beat together. Add to hot wok, when it starts to set, add meat, rice, vegetables, 2 tsp salt, toss, add green onions, toss and serve.