Most people today have not lived in hard times.

One thing you have to consider in times of crisis is when to use your well preserved long storing preps.

In a long term disaster situation one thing you will have to do is save your long term storage foods as much as possible.

We are not speaking of minor storm disasters or other such events. We are talking about events that may cause you to be unable to replace them for years.

In these cases you will need to forage for fresh foods as much as possible and use them. Your preps should be saved for the times you are too sick to get fresh or in the times when other foods are totally unavailable.

Anyone that has grown up poor on a farm knows that late winter through early spring are the hungry times.

By late winter the wild game has been hunted down and is wary or it has migrated or went into hibernation. Your saved stocks of “fresh” foods are running low at this time as well. Many times this is when you are hitting the bottom of the bins in the root cellars.

New foods will not be available in any variety until part of the way through the spring.

Many times the mushrooms growing in the spring will be the first foods that are findable in any abundance.
The rest have to wait until they bear fruits or grow enough to be used.

These are the times when your precious well preserved foods will be needed. If you have already used them in times when other foods were available you will starve in the lean times.

Remember if things go really bad you will never be able to preserve foods as well as you can now. So make your well preserved items last as long as they can .