To Prepare the Rennet. Take out the stomach of a calf as soon as killed, and well scour it inside and out with salt, after it Is cleared of the curd always found in it. Let it drain a few hours; then sew it up with two good handfuls of salt in it; or stretch it on a stick, well salted ; or keep it in the salt, wet; when wanted, soak a bit, which will do over and over again by using fresh water.

‘ The Bavarian mode of Preserving- Rennet.

This mode of curing consists in turning out the contents of the skin of the stomach, wiping off all specks or dirt with a cloth, and then blowing up tho skin or filling it with air like a bladder. The ends are tied with a string, and a little salt applied to this part only. The skin treated in this way soon dries perfectly, and is as sweet and clean as can be desired. Bait neutralizes in some degree the action of rennet, therefore rennets treated on the Bavarian plan are much more effective than those cured in the old way. When the rennets cured on this plan are dry, the air may be expelled and tho skins can be packed away in a small space, and are easily kept clear of insects. The defect in salted rennets is that o the salt in wet weather accumulates dampness, and if care is not taken to keep them in a dry place, they drip, and thus lose their strength. Rennets preserved on the Bavarian plan are stronger as well as sweeter than any others.