Here is recipe I found on how to make your own. Enjoy.

Here’s how you make,

D Rations, D Rations yummy yummy D Rations. All right so they the
ration of last resort, but at least they kind’ a keep your tummy full
and if you use my recipe they don’t taste too bad. What I have done is
take the original recipe and modify it a little considering we’re like
60 years later. First off the list of ingredients to make 1 D Ration.

3 oz of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate chips or chunks.

1 oz of Table Sugar

1/3 oz of Nonfat Dry Milk

3 table spoons Oat Flour

2 to 4 drops Vanilla Extract

Paraffin Wax as needed (Gulf canning wax works fine)

1 D Ration mold (Mine is a soap disk big enough to make 2 rations. I
had to cut the bottom off with my table saw.)

All of these ingredients are available at any grocery store. Ok here’s
how to cook it up.

First measure out the table sugar, nonfat dry milk and oat flour and
put them into a food processor or blender. Now mix it up until you
have a fine powder. The reason for doing this is that if you don’t you
will get a D Ration that is really gritty when you eat it. Also, it
makes it easier to mix with the chocolate later.

You need a double boiler; it can be nothing more than a smaller pan
that sits in a lager pan that has water in it. The thing is you need
to heat the mixture from the boiling water not from the stove,
otherwise you will burn the chocolate. Place the chocolate into the
double boiler and melt it the best you can until you get a smooth
mixture. I have found that I have to add some paraffin wax to get the
chocolate to melt into a smooth mixture. Don’t add any more than you
have to. Also, here is a tip from Hershey’s. When melting the
chocolate add a drop or two to it. The trick is that it keeps the oils
mixing and will help keep the melting temperature up and will last
longer in the heat.

Once the chocolate and wax o is melted add in one half of the ground up
sugar, milk and oat flour. Mix it up as best you can and then add a
teaspoon or so to the mixture. This will allow you to get the mixture
to a consistency that allows you mix it all together. Once you get it
mixed add the other half of the ground stuff and add another teaspoon
or so to get it to mix up.

One thing you will notice is that as the mixture sets under heat in the
boiler, the water will start to separate out. Don’t worry about it, it
mixes back in just fine. Now let the mixture cook for about 10
minutes. Give it a good stir every minute or so.

Now it’s ready to pour into the mold, but first give it one last good
stir. Pour into the mold and then put everything into the freezer.
Let sit until it is good and cold. Remove from the freezer and then
remove from the mold and let it heat up to room temperature. Cut with sharp knife to shape as necessary and you got a D Ration.

What you end up with is a hard block that will crumble up with a little effort, just like the original. Unlike the original, at least from
what I have read, the taste is pretty good considering and is entirely
eatable. I would however, following the original instructions and eat
it slowly. Wrap it up and put in a Repo D Ration box and you are good to go.

Now the answer to the finial question, will it melt in my pocket like
the chocolate bars that I have been using? Well I have taken my
mixture to 150 Deg F and it got a little soft, but did not melt. Well
what do you want? The original were only rated to 125 Deg.